brett ao

First of all,
“Logician” who keeps drilling for depths.
de-constructer who decomposes problems and create framework of solution.
Recent lover of sukiyaki & omelette.

And then,
International award-winning researcher, ESOMAR annual congress speaker, moderator who have nailed more than 1,200 sessions and 300 hundreds of projects.

Key clients incl. DIAGEO, LEGO, Apple, MINI, Jin Jiang Group.

joanna qiao

Outdoor / hiking lover, Dog lover, amateur tree hugger.

A disciple who is always fascinated about what is organic and original, 7/24 curious and passionate to discover the hidden truth behind people’s words, as well as human minds.

Graduated with a Master's degree in Economics from University of Toronto.7 years of overseas work and study experience brings joanna more different perspectives and empathies.

Enriched research experience and versatile moderation style ‘可甜可盐’ :P, clients including but not limited to: Tencent, Apple, PepsiCo, L’oreal, Nike, ABI, Nestle, Masterkong…etc.

Previous work experience started from 500 giants - Citi group, General Motor, to professional research houses.

leslie peng

A strong feminist, back and forth between liberal and radical feminism, boxer in every sense

Driven by curiosity and thirst for knowledge, a believer in Nintendo, lovers of somatosensory games, ChatGPT, AI, Web3 and various cutting-edge technology products

Podcast producer, academic agent, meanwhile an old-school GenZ who expands life's different possibilities

Her key clients include Diageo, Invisalign, Chivas Brothers, Sulwhasoo, etc.

rebecca lu

An enthusiastic and creative Gen Z with sociable free spirits, who can always find a reason to smile

An open-minded listener, and a Podcast host with an incredible amount of imagination, creativity and curiosity, can’t help but live for the glimmers of insights gained from communications

Key clients include Lancome, Coach, Sunner, etc.

heng lu

Heng is a passionate communicator and insight ‘digger’.

Over the last 10 years, he worked across London and Shanghai, where he devoted in innovation and brand positioning engagement for PepsiCo, Unilever, Starbucks, Nike, Adidas, Airbnb, IHG, Google, Beats by Dre, Brown Forman and AB InBev.

Heng’s diverse client experience stems from his multi-faceted interest in F&B and technology. He has had a stint in TV broadcasting as well.